What does it mean XCluesive? What is different here?

We are not an ordinary escape game or city tour provider, because we are XCluesive. 🙂
You are not locked in, you are free! Our games have 2 hours playing duration and you will visit
checkpoints around the city, where you need to solve puzzles and riddles on an iPad or on a
physical item. The right codes and answers will reveal the next checkpoint on the map, you just
have to follow it. There is not any walky talky.
you have options to get hints from interactive augmented reality avatars along your journey.

What should I bring to the Game?

You need to show your booking reference number. You should arrive in a clothing and footwear, which is appropriate to the weather. You or one of the team member needs to hold a smartphone with internet access because this will have an important role in a mission, also to contact us, if you need any technical help.

How many players are recommended?

Maximum number of players on one tour is 8, but we would recommend that 4-5 is the optimal player number.

What is the recommended age group?

All games are recommended for all age groups. In the Magic Portal game there are more kids friendly visual also virtual quests and riddles, so it would be recommended from ages 6+(with adult). Guaranteed fun for the whole family and for those who are having their first experience in escape games. The Operation Mindfall game is a more complex spy game, with more difficult quest and riddles, so the recommended age group is 14+.

Is there any Parking space provided during the game?

Unfortunately we don’t have parking spaces designated to our customers, as we are located on a busy road. We would recommend to leave your vehicle at Sansome Walk Car Park at WR1 1DF, which is just in 3 minutes walking distance from our office.

What happens, if I am running late?

All players and team members should arrive in one group 15 minutes before the game slot
commences. If you will be late more than 15 minutes from the booked slot, your game may be cancelled as No Show. We are aiming to provide the best experience to all. Please be on time to avoid disappointment.

Is there any safe place where I can store my luggage or bags during the game?

We don’t have lockers, but some of your bags can be stored at our office, while you are playing. We have 24hr CCTV, however we cannot take responsibility for your items.

Can I pay by cash for the experience?

We are not prepared for cash payment. You can book online. If you would like to pay in person by card, it is possible at our office. All payments to be made in advance.

What kind of places will I visit during the tour?

We have one route available for each game. You will visit famous places in Worcester, attractions, parks and squares.

Are the routes wheelchair accessible?

Yes they are. However our office is on the second floor, so please let us know in the order note section (at the check out). We can come and greet you at the reception, also we have fully wheelchair accessible routes in both games.

Can I bring my puppy for a walk with me?

Of course. There is no extra charge for dogs, but we should know about it, (please leave note in the order note section at the check out), so we can greet you at the reception.

Is the tour suitable for claustrophobics?

Yes it is! You’ll play outdoors, so there is not any reason to feel yourself locked in.

Is there anybody who will lead the tour?

No. Just you and your friends or family are playing. There is an augmented reality avatar who will help and guide you, if needed. You will receive an emergency phone number from our
staff, which you can call any time during your tour, if you need any help or assistance.

Can I cancel the tour after payment?

Yes of course. NO refunds can be requested for any of the confirmed slots. You may cancel your game slot only in writing to info@xcluesivegames.com at any time
before your game starts. You will receive full balance credit, if you do this at least 72 hours before. If the cancellation falls in 72-24 hours there is a £30 administration charge per slot, and you’ll also receive the remaining balance in voucher. If the cancellation falls in 24 hours before your game starts, we are unable to credit you with voucher, so it may count as no show. For detailed policy please see T&C for further info.

What happens if there is a change in the number of people, which had been booked in?

Please let us know in email or text message referring your BOOKING REFERENCE number. If there are more people in the group, you may pay additional charges by card at our office according to our price list. If someone from your group cannot come for any reason, the payment cannot be reversed or credited back.

What happens if I lose/ break an item from the Action Pack?

You are responsible to hand back the action pack and Hi vis jackets in the same condition how you received them. For general wear and tear we are not charging you any penny, but if there is a sign of any deliberate abuse or damage, you are responsible to pay their price based on the official price list.

I would like to play in a large group. Can we book for the same time?

Yes you can! We will organise your large group tour and supply you with additional action packs for maximum enjoyment. Please contact us for details.

Can you help me to organise a Birthday/Hen or Stag Party?

Of course! Please get in touch, so we can make this event extra special for you with added
locations and extra fun!

Can I be drunk during the game?

No, please. There are valuable items in the action pack, also there are tricky riddles in the game. We won’t recommend to play if you are drunk.

Can I play with my colleagues in my workplace/ commercial sites?

Yes! Team building events are the funniest and most important components of your work life. If you feel this can support your team cohesion and you would not like to travel elsewhere, we can arrange exclusive location based team building tour or indoor game at your Company. Get in touch!

Do you have any more questions?

Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us.

32/33 Foregate Street (Restdale House)
Worcester, Worcestershire WR1 1EE
United Kingdom

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