The below terms are applicable upon using and playing the offered services and games provided by the XCLUESIVE Escape Games Limited (refers to XCluesive or we). With your purchase you (the Buyer) are agreed and understood this general terms and conditions with no exceptions of its content.

I. XCluesive has the right to change or amend this contract at any time without prior notice, The actual T&C is being sent out as a link to the Buyer in the confirmation email received upon the booking. Buyer and all team members should sign a consent form and risk assesment before their tour commences. These terms are not intended to affect the Buyer’s statutory rights.

A. The Buyer’s responsibility:

II. You as the Buyer are responsible to attend the booked appointment and arrive 15 minutes before the session will begin. The address is 32/33 Foregate Street, Worcester WR1 1EE. If there is any delay Buyer should contact XCluesive in text message on +447718188132 or in e-mail to info@xcluesivegames.com. Failing to arrive on time may reduce the length of the Buyer’s game experience for which XCluesive does not take any responsibility or issue refund to the Buyer for the purchased time slot. The extent of delay may indicate that XCluesive will not be able to run the booked session for the Buyer and provide their service on that day. XCluesive is not responsible to offer discount, replacement services or refund for the time slots which are being unattended by the Buyer.

III. During the whole duration of playing the outdoor games the Buyer is fully responsible for their personal health and well-being. The Buyer and all team members for their own health and safety MUST wear the personal protective equipments (PPE) provided by XCluesive prior the session. This including the high-vis jacket. XCluesive is not liable for any personal injuries, property loss or damage, also death occurred during the Buyer’s session. The Buyer MUST contact 999 immediately and contact XCluesive on +447718188132 thereafter.

IV. The Buyer and their team members are fully responsible about to hand back the IPad, the PPEs and action pack with all its content in the same condition as they received from staff members of XCluesive prior their game slot. In the event of any loss or damage to the PPE, IPad or action pack and its content, the Buyer must pay the cost based on the official price list, straight after their game slot. Exception applies on the rain coats, which are included in the purchased slot, if the weather conditions are required their use.

V. Buyer is responsible for not to remove or displace any of the PPE, IPad case also signs and poster found at the checkpoints related to the game, also to report any missing signs and posters which was mentioned during their mission. XCluesive is checking these signs and posters on daily basis, however in the event of finding missing or damaged signs, we are providing emergency folder in the action pack from where these signs may be obtained for the appropriate mission.

VI. Buyer or any of the Team member should bring a charged and switched on smartphone with internet access, when playing “Operation Mindfall” game, which has important role at one of the check points. During the whole game the Buyer should be able to contact XCluesive by phone if they are stacked or any unforeseen event has occurred.

VII. Buyer and their team should be fully aware and not under any influence of drug or alcohol. In case if our staff members find the Buyer or any of their team members unfit for the mission XCluesive has the right to deny providing the equipments to the Buyer, without offering discounts, replacement services or refund for the time slot. The Buyer is solely responsible for their personal safety, security also their health and body conditions during the whole game.

VIII. The Buyer is fully responsible for their personal belongings and XCluesive does not held any liability, if there is any loss or damage occurred during the game. The Buyers responsibility for wearing appropriate footwear and clothing at the time of the game. The Buyer undertake not to bring or carry any dangerous or hazardous objects into the game, including item deemed to be harmful to any person or organism with intention to harm and threaten others during the game. None of the content of action pack is allowed to use in such manner.

IX. The Buyer is not allowed to take, store or share any pictures, videos or voice records about the clues and riddles solved during their experience. These contents are fully the property of XCluesive and the misuse, display and announcement of these on any media, will be treated as breach of the policy and intellectual property rights. The Buyer shall face legal consequences and serious penalty for such behaviour.

B. XCluesive is responsible for:

X. XCluesive is providing all tools, PPE, adequate amounts of material and equipments to the Buyer’s mission, including: fully charged IPad and rainproof protective case; PPE such as hi-vis jackets, disposable rain cover; and fully stocked action pack in protective suit case for the purchased time slot.

XI. XCluesive is responsible to inform and provide induction to the Buyer and their team about the game, show the risk assessment and set up the check-points around the attractions in Worcester for the best experience.

XII. XCluesive has the right to cancel any slot in case of yellow or red weather warning broadcasted by the met office, including snowing and heavy storms with high wind speed. In these cases XCluesive is happy to provide alternative time slot in the following 30 days from the date of game on a similar day and time.

XIII. Xcluesive is responsible for providing additional services and resting opportunity on some of the locations and check points for the Buyer’s entertainment. These are provided by third parties, and XCluesive has prior confirmation before Buyer arrives to these locations. Not all services, which
are provided by third parties are included in the booking fee, only those which are indicated during
the game. XCluesive NEVER share any of the Buyer’s details to their partners. The only information which is shared with our partners is the booking confirmation number, which the customer should refer to, if using any additional service indicated in their mission during their game.

XIV. XCluesive is liable for being approachable and reachable during the whole duration of the Buyer’s tour, in case of emergency, and to provide any technical help to the Buyer within its authority. An emergency line is fully open front of the Buyer, who is on tour, and this number will be shared to all team members prior the game. XCluesive cannot accepted any racist and aggressive behaviour towards to our staff, partners or any members of the public during the game.

XV. XCluesive has the right to cancel the Buyer’s tour if they seem unfit, including drunk team members or if they seem to be under influence of any illegal drugs. Xcluesive has the right to cancel any tour where the Buyer is late and would not be able to finish their tour within the designated time slot. XCluesive does not obliged to pay refund or provide any replacement services if the tour will not commence due to the Buyer’s neglect or no show.

XVI. XCluesive provides flexible cancellation policy to the Buyer. XCluesive shall accept cancellation enquiries only in writing to info@xcluesivegames.com . See section E. for details.

XVII. XCluesive tend to respond for e-mail enquiries within 24 hours in the official opening times. Buyer can visit our office prior arrangement at any time during these times. The last tour commences at 6pm from Monday to Sunday, so after these times we will respond to any enquiry on the following day.

XVIII. On Birthday parties, also Hen and Stag do, XCluesive is permitting alcohol consumption within a limit during the game. These conditions should be arranged before the tour commences, and the risk assessment form should be signed before the departure of the team.

XIX. XCluesive provides wheelchair friendly and dog friendly routes. Buyer should inform us in their booking reservation’s note section if they would like to use any of these options, so they can receive the best experience during their game slot. Buyer accept that, if failing to inform XCluesive prior their game slot, XCluesives and their partners cannot fully accomodate the Buyer during the tour and there is a chance for limited access to the additional services.

C. Intellectual property rights and website usage:

XX. All content of the website, the games and any part of the mission cannot be copied, modified or edited, sold, used or transferred in any form. Buyer accepts that the World Wide Web is not fully secure. All booking made via XCluesivegames.com will be protected by certain security features such as Stripe and Square secure payment technologies for customer’s and XCluesive’s safety.
XCluesive does not have access to the Buyer’s bank details.

XXI. All rights are reserved to XCluesive. The Buyer or any visitors of the website are not permitted
to use or refer to any part of the XCluesive website or services, games and missions with intended
fraudulent activity. XCluesive will take legal steps in case of any misuse or abuse of its brands such as “XCluesive Games” “Operation Mindfall” and “Magic Portal”, including the Action Pack and PPE.

XXII. XCluesive shall advertise and sell games and time slots via third party such as voucher sites, hotels, and other partners. All partners, charities and companies are present on this website may use XCluesive brandings, including online and offline advertisement, flyers and offer booking facilities via their website or offline reservation sheets. XCluesive ALWAYS send booking confirmation upon payment and reservation in latest 24 hours after the received booking. If Buyer or visitor is not able to recognise the third party company on the XCluesive website, XCluesive
does not held any liability and warranty for the Buyer’s payments, reservation, cancellation or booking for the XCluesive tours.

XXIII. XCluesive does not use cookies, does not send spam or hyperlink to any third party’s website, and does not send payment requests to the Buyer for future bookings. XCluesive NEVER requests
payment details via phone, or e-mail. If Buyer or visitor receives such e-mail, please contact our
customer service at info@xcluesivegames.com and attach or forward the relevant content, without proceeding any other action.

XXIV. XCluesive does not held any responsibility in that unlikely event, when the website crashes or became unavailable during the check out and payment process. In such case please contact your bank first, and let us know in writing to info@xcluesivegames.com , so we can check the payment process also we can reserve your game slot until the payment will be made. Buyer should receive a confirmation e-mail straight after their purchase, including the details of booking times, if the payment has cleared.

XXV. XCluesive never share customer details to third parties in any form. All personal details
regarding the booking are kept fully confidential and being deleted in 90 days after the Buyer’s tour. See XCluesive’s Privacy Policy for further details.

D. Gift vouchers and promo codes

XXVI. Giftvouchers can be purchased via the xcluesivegames.com webshop or official market stall only in £20, £50, £70 and £90 face values, as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond packages. Promo codes may be obtained via local adverstisement, magazines, special promotions and partner

XXVII. Gift voucher and coupon codes are money off vouchers, and the Buyer will obtain a single use code, which should be validated at xcluesivegames.com , at the online check out and typed into the appropriate text box. Buyer should press the “Apply coupon” button to redeem their voucher and update their cart. The system will automatically deduct the amount of voucher’s face value from the booked slot’s price, and if there is any amount due to finalise the booking, it must be paid online upon the check out for the successful booking.

XXVIII. Promo codes can be used to purchase Gift voucher or game slots of the Buyer’s wish. All available appointments may be found on xcluesivegames.com , where the code should be validated at the check out at the appropriate text box. Buyer should press the “Apply coupon” button to redeem their voucher and update their cart. The system will automatically deduct the amount of the entitled discount or value from the booked slot’s price, and if there is any amount due to finalise the booking, it must be paid online upon the checkout.

XXIX. Only one voucher or promo code can be used for booking a single game slot. There is NO balance to be brought forward of the remaining amount for other games or services, so please consider this when you are placing your order. If you have more codes, please check out separately for each service.

XXX. Gift Voucher codes must be used in 90 days within its expiry date, and cannot be extended.
Promo code may be used when its valid, which is stated in the advertisement or on the flyer.

XXXI. There is NO cancellation or refund policy applies for game slot booked by Gift voucher or Promo code.

XXXII. One voucher or promo code can be used for booking a single game slot and it cannot be used in conjunction to any other offer or deal.

XXXIII. Gift vouchers cannot be used for purchasing other Gift vouchers.

E. Cancellation

XXXIV. All bookings are live and final. NO refunds can be requested for any of the confirmed slots, due to there is no any bank details being accessible from the Buyer by our staff or directors.

XXXV. Buyer may cancel their game slot only in writing to info@xcluesivegames.com at any time before their game starts with the below conditions:

XXXVI. At least before 72 hours of the confirmed game slot Buyer may cancel and reschedule their game for free of charge for only one occasion for the particular slot. Buyer will receive a voucher code for future redemtion in the full amount they have paid. In this case the re-booking has to be made and the game has to be played in 30 days period from the original game slot.

XXXVII. If the cancellation falls between 72 – 24 hours before the Buyer’s game starts, XCluesive
will retain £30 for administation charge/slot, and the remaining amount of the booking fee will be given
back to the Buyer as voucher code, which can be used for future redemtion for 30 days from the
original booking.

XXXVIII. If the cancellation falls for any reason within 24 hours from the booked and confirmed slot, there is no voucher or replacement slot to be given. This will be considered as no show.

XXXIX. For redeeming your voucher code which had been received for cancellation, see section C. for further details.

F. Payments

XL. The Buyer must be at least 18 years old, to proceed payment or validate voucher code fully or partially for booking a game slot.

XLI. Bookings can be made by card payment only. XCluesive does not store and cannot receive any Cash payments for the tours and games. For last minute bookings Buyer may use our website for secure booking with Stripe\Square or pay by card at our office to the member of staff before their game commences.

XLII. Without a payment the tour will not commence. Buyer should receive confirmation e-mail from
XCluesive about their booking immediately after the payment has cleared via the xcluesivegames.com website. If Buyer did not receive any confirmation e-mail, their game slot had not been booked, so Buyer should contact XCluesive immediately in writing to
info@xcluesivegames.com and/or call us in our official opening times to resolve any payment issues.

XLIII. XCluesive does not held any responsibility in that unlikely event, when the website crashes or became unavailable during the check out and payment process. In such case please contact your bank first, and let us know in writing to info@xcluesivegames.com , so we can check the payment process also we can reserve your game slot until the payment will be made. Buyer will receive a confirmation e-mail straight after their purchase, including the details of booking times, if the payment has cleared.

XLIV. XCluesive does not take payments via third party or partners, so the booking costs should be payed directly to our company for successful booking.

G. Complain and enquires

XLV. All complains and enquires should be sent by e-mailing to info@xcluesivegames.com . We
will respond you in latest 24 hours and will investigate your concerns. XCluesive takes care and looking after every point of view from our Buyers, and all enquiry and opinion will be treated confidentially. Our aim is to entertain you in the highest possible manner as your time during our Games is the most treasured moments to us. Please get in touch, if we can do anything for you!